Game of Thrones is probably the biggest television show of the past decade. No other show in recent times has managed to attract a global audience into the tens of millions, with each viewer eagerly waiting for the long-heralded winter and the white walkers. 

Admittedly, the last season paled in comparison to the initial seven seasons. It felt rushed like the producers hurried to wrap the story. Nevertheless, Game of Thrones remains a popular title, one worthy of a weekend-long binge. 

The title’s popularity has risen a notch with news that a prequel is around the corner.

Is Game of Thrones available on Netflix?

Game of Thrones is not available on Netflix and will likely never appear on the streaming giant.

HBO owns the streaming rights to Game of Thrones. Given the network’s long-standing rivalry with Netflix, it is unlikely to hand over the rights to one of its most popular shows.

Where is Game of Thrones available for streaming?

Game of Thrones is exclusively available for streaming on HBO.