Falicia Blakely was only 18 years old when she murdered three men as part of a robbery and murder scheme organized by her pimp, Michael Berry. Blakely and her accomplice, fellow stripper Ameshia Ervin, lured three men with the promise of sex before robbing and murdering them. 

The duo’s killing spree ended after a restaurant owner noted their suspicious behavior and called the police. Authorities linked the pair to the murders after finding one of the victim’s cars in Falicia’s possession. 

Prosecutors pursued the death penalty, but the court handed Blakely three consecutive life sentences due to her cooperation. In exchange for testimony against Falicia, Ervin got one life sentence with the possibility of parole in 2034. 

Falicia has become a writer and a social advocate in prison

Falicia Blakely is currently 33 years old and living out her days in Lee Arrendale State Prison. Given the lack of movement in her case, it is unlikely that Falicia will ever leave prison. 

Blakely shares life updates on her Instagram page, attracting thousands of followers. 

Falicia has written two books in prison – A Treacherous Hustle and Life after Life – and her third book – Life after Life part 2 – is almost complete. Blakely claims to tell her true story in those books. 

She tells her story so other people can learn from her mistakes and avoid experiencing a similar fate. Falicia captioned a mid-July 2021 post:

“Good evening. Some may like this and some may not, but my truth is my truth and I know it will help a mother recognize the signs of a child slipping into what I’ve had to endure and it will also help turn some women lives around before they are able to turn back. It’s a treacherous world out in the Trenches. A world some people only read about, but to live it is a different kind of monster.”

Blakely regrets her actions, but she’s accepted that she can’t change the past. Her purpose is to make an impact on young girls’ lives. “If I could turn back the hands of time, I would,” Blakely wrote in September 2020. “I would love to change what happened, but I can’t, so now I’m trying to make a difference.”

When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story chronicles Falicia’s life in film, but the movie has glaring inconsistencies and omissions. We doubt that Blakely is a fan of her portrayal in the production.

Another film about Falicia is on the way, and this one has Falicia’s support. The film will be based on Falicia’s first book, A Treacherous Hustle. Blakely’s mid-July 2021 Instagram post continues:

“In this film, you will get a sneak preview of live footage of my mother talking and giving you the uncut raw truth about my life, this story, and how things really were without the Hollywood Version.”

Falicia has also taken up social advocacy while in prison. In 2019, Falicia participated in the #endmassincarceration campaign. “Prisoners are without heat and lights in weather that is unbearable, where’s the justice, who are the criminals in this,” she captioned a February 2019 post.

Falicia’s son is reportedly a talented soccer player and has gained college admission

In August 2021, Falicia shared a throwback of herself and her young son, who she affectionately refers to as Man. 

Man was only two years old when Falicia committed the murders that led to her incarceration. Like Falicia, Man grew up under the care of his grandmother. 

Falicia wrote on Instagram in May 2019 that her mother more than made up for her absence in her life by raising Man into a responsible man. “I’m so proud and even mom got a second chance to raise a child and she has done an awesome job with what she had,” Blakely wrote. 

Reports claim that Man is a talented soccer player who’s earned college admission. “Even though the odds were stacked against my one and only child, he made it,” Falicia’s post continues. 

Man has ‘broken the chain,’ by pursuing education through to college. Falicia marked Mother’s Day in May 2020 by declaring how proud she is of her son’s efforts:

“Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mothers. I am proud mother to have a son in college that is excelling in life and doing better than I ever could despite the odds against him.”