Films and shows that revolve around drug cartels are very fun to watch. Drug-related shows like Narcos and Breaking Bad are some of the world’s highest-rated shows. You can now also add El Dragon: Return of a Warrior to that list. The show is about a long-lost son tasked with running a drug cartel that was previously run by his grandfather.

Miguel Garza fits the profile of a man fit to run a drug cartel. He is physically attractive, and he has the ability to charm anyone he comes across. However, since the death of his parents, Miguel has lived in Tokyo, and he knows nothing about running a cartel.

Garza’s strength is business. He is a successful entrepreneur, and he hopes that his sharp business mind can help him run the cartel. However, he risks tripping up on his own ambitions. This piece will detail everything you need to know about El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 2.

When will El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 2 come to Netflix?

Netflix and Televisa completed a deal in October 2018 in which see the two companies agreed to create shows together. On 4th October 2019, El Dragon: Return of a Warrior became the first Televisa show to premiere on Netflix after its television premiere. Season 1 of the show was released on most Netflix regions before its season finale on television.

Season 2’s television finale of El Dragon: Return of a Warrior aired on 20th January 2020. We expect that season 2 of the show will come to Netflix in March 2020. This applies to most Netflix regions except the US.

El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 1 premiered on Netflix US three months after the season finale. If season 2 follows the same timeline, we expect El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 2 to appear on Netflix US in April 2020.

What happened in El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 1?

El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 1 introduced us to Miguel Garza, 20 years after the assassination of his parents. He was a successful businessman living a happy life with his girlfriend in Japan. However, the situation changed when he received a phone call from his grandfather’s partner, stating that his grandfather was seriously ill.

Upon flying to Mexico, Miguel was given 24 hours to decide whether he wanted to run the cartel. He accepted the position, but he had different plans for the cartel. Miguel’s wife Asya committed suicide after learning that she was suffering from a terminal disease, and he was devastated.

He vowed never to love again, but he wound up falling for a taxi driver known as Adela. Adela was the only woman who was interested in who Miguel was a person rather than how much he had in his bank accounts. Miguel planned on making a legitimate business out of the cartel’s operations, but he found it difficult to do so because he didn’t understand the dynamics of the cartel.

What to expect in El Dragon: Return of a Warrior season 2

We expect Miguel to come up against more enemies in season 2. The Russians and Italians will probably continue to derail his operations. We also expect a power struggle within the ranks of the cartel.

We also expect Adela and Miguel to finally hook up in season 2. They flirted around in season 1, and there were definitely feelings between the two, but nothing really happened. On the other hand, Miguel’s relationship with Adela might end up hurting him because there is suspicion that she is connected to the authorities.