Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner, is a film about the general manager of the Cleveland Browns deciding how best to improve his team after it acquires the number one draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Plagued by personal turmoil and professional pressure, he must make the best decision for himself and the team. 

Draft Day is not a true story, but it accurately depicts the intrigues of the NFL Draft

Draft Day is a fictional narrative written by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph. Rajiv told Entertainment Weekly that the idea for the film came to him during a conversation with a friend about the NFL Draft. He explained:

“This started because a friend of a friend mentioned that though she’s not a football fan, she liked the NFL draft. I was like, ‘Why?! I’m a huge fan and even I don’t watch the draft.’ She said, ‘There’s a ticking clock and huge stakes.’ And a lightbulb went off. Those two things are the essence of drama. That’s everything you want in a movie.”

Despite being a fictional film, Draft Day accurately depicts the pressures and intrigues of the NFL Draft.