61-year-old Mike Haugabook recently married 18-year-old Deja Haugabook in Florida. Mike posted photos of their wedding attended by the couple’s four children. Mike has three children from previous relationships and one child with Deja, a 1-year-old daughter she got pregnant with when she was sixteen.

The internet has gone mad following reports of this bizarre wedding, with good reason. The couple’s age difference presents one giant red flag, and there are more red flags that we continue to discover. Fortunately, netizens agree that Deja is the victim in this arrangement, but she doesn’t see it that away.

Mike has been Deja’s godfather since she was a toddler and dated her mom

Deja and Mike Haugabook

Mike Haugabook has been in Deja’s life since she was a toddler. A photo of him holding baby Deja confirms that he’s known Deja for all of her life.

When she went missing in 2017, Mike led an online effort to locate Deja. “If anybody has seen my goddaughter please contact me,” Mike writes on the post. 

Deja posted about being in a relationship when she was 17 but didn’t post who she was dating. It was only after she turned eighteen and married Mike that we learned her husband’s identity. 

The concern is that Mike groomed and had sex with Deja when she was a minor – that he used his position in her life to manipulate her into a relationship. 

In a Facebook rant posted on Mike’s page, Deja confirmed that she got pregnant at 16. If her baby belongs to Mike, he is guilty of having sex with a minor. 

This story gets more shocking when you learn that Mike dated Deja’s mother in 2017. In her replies to Mike’s Facebook post, Deja’s mother, Davina Evans, refers to Mike as ‘babe.’ 

Deja admitted that she left home when she was 16, running away from her mother’s drug problems. Davina acknowledged that she had drug problems and lost her kids due to her drug abuse. 

At sixteen, with no home, Deja was vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. It’s probably when Mike swooped into her life. Mike remains defiant in the face of intense criticism. He wrote on Facebook:

“It seem like I’m the only nigga in this town have married a young woman but since it’s me they got to have something to talk about. Look like you little girls are jealous of my wife but keep on promoting us I love it.”

Deja has called on the public to leave the couple alone

Before Facebook suspended her account, Deja posted the following message on Facebook:

“People love to call me a child because I’m 18. First of all, I am grown asf, I take care of all 4 of my kids work fulltime have 4 cars paid in full and stay home with my man. We only go out every so often ian got the time or energy to deal with none of you hoes that got sum to say.”

Deja echoed that message via a live session posted on Mike’s Instagram. She stated that she didn’t want to hear people’s opinions. “It don’t mean shit to us, so why waste your time and energy and keep on giving your opinion?” Deja asked. “Everything is done. We are married.”

She said that she’s content with her marriage to Mike Haugabook and that anyone with a contrary opinion is just hating. Deja stated that there’s no use dating young boys because they have no interest in settling. “I want to be with a nigga that know what the fuck he wants in life,” Deja said.

When one commenter stated that Mike is a predator, Deja offered the following reply: “If he a predator, he’s my predator. He’s mine, he’s not with y’all.”