Christine Weston Chandler, also known as Chris Chan, is reportedly the most documented person on the internet. She gained internet fame for creating a comic book character, Sonichu, a blend of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. The discovery of Sonichu on 4chan inspired people to dig into Christine’s life. 

Christine’s arrest in early August 2021 halted the inquest into her life and seemed to vindicate the netizens who claimed she was a shady character. 

Christine has been bonded out of jail as her trial continues in court

Christine was bonded out of jail in late March 2022. VINE, a system that publishes criminal case information, reported Christine’s release on bond. Insider confirmed that officials at Central Virginia Regional Jail released Christine. 

Christine’s bond release terms are unclear, but we suspect that the court ordered her not to leave Virginia. Christine’s next hearing is scheduled for 8th August 2023. 

The prosecution had requested that the court deny Christine’s bond to guarantee her safety. Judge David Barredo approved the request but left the door open for a bond review. Christine’s lawyer seemingly convinced the court to grant her bond, but it’s unclear who paid for it. 

Christine had revealed that she couldn’t afford a lawyer, so it’s unlikely that she gathered enough money to pay her bond. Sportskeeda reports that a man named Samson Jekyll paid Christine’s bond. The amount he paid and his relation to Christine are unclear. 

It’s difficult to obtain updates about Christine’s case as the judge referred it to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, which holds nonpublic proceedings. A review of Christine’s case is scheduled for early August 2023. 

Christine was arrested following widespread allegations of incestuous relations with her mother

Christine’s use of ‘darling’ and ‘dear’ to refer to her mother raised initial suspicions about her alleged incestuous conduct. Her defense of a Mexican mother’s relationship with her son sparked an investigation into the incest allegations. Christine wrote on Facebook:

“Although incest is quite controversial topic, there are circumstances where there would be not so much harm as one may think, feel or believe. Unless the sex act was abusive, hurtful, or would result in an unwanted birth of a physical or mentally challenged child, I would not judge or persecute the parent and child.”

In 2021, a Kiwi farms user posted evidence of Christine’s incest. The user allegedly got Christine to confess to the crime by posing as a woman named Bella. Christine reportedly stated that her mom ‘made the first move’ and it took the pair ‘a few tries’ to get it right. 

Christine’s attorney, David Heilberg, told Insider in 2021 that Christine’s mental health issues render her susceptible to online trolls. Heilberg stated:

“Ms. Chandler’s frequent and sometimes over the top presence on the internet is partly a product of mental health issues causing misguided attention seeking and often provocative engagement with others.”