Charmed is a series about three sisters who discover hidden magical abilities that they are supposed to use against evil supernatural beings. The series is a reboot of the original Charmed series, which ran from 1998 to 2006.

Why do we love Charmed so much?

The original Charmed series was a major hit, and it was probably why the new charmed series received low ratings at the start. The directors made several changes to the new series compared to the original series.

In the original, the sisters’ mother died when they were children. In the new series, their mom died in episode one, meaning that the sisters grew up with their mom. Also, the sisters in the new series are much younger than they were in the original.

Despite these differences, we slowly warmed up to the Charmed reboot. The storyline is engaging and well-written. Also, each member of the more diverse cast portrays their role to perfection.

The sisters have to live normal lives while still protecting the innocent from the forces of evil. They soon find out how difficult it is to keep their magic a secret. As their power grows, the magic begins to affect their relationships. Soon enough, the police also start to get suspicious.

It’s interesting to see how each sister deals with the responsibilities of being one of The Charmed Ones.

When will Charmed Season 2 be on Netflix?

Charmed Season 2 premiered on The CW on 11th October. The entire first season of Charmed appeared on Netflix 8 days after the season finale. We expect season 2 to appear at around the same time. The season finale should air at around May 2020. You can, therefore, expect Charmed season 2 at around May or June 2020.

Before then, you can watch the series on the CW website or app. The website usually has the previous 5 episodes.

Unfortunately, Charmed won’t be available on Netflix for viewers outside the US. Viewers in Europe can watch Charmed on E4.

What to expect in Charmed Season 2

We expect Charmed season 2 to have more of the supernatural world. The first season focused more on the family, with each sister trying to figure out the extent of their powers.

The death of The Elders made the sisters leaders of the magical community. It means that they will shoulder more responsibilities. The new season will also feature new members of the cast. According to the showrunners, season 2 promises to be ‘creepier, moodier, and sexier.’