When Charles Stanley joined First Baptist Church Atlanta in 1969, it had 5000 members. When he left the pulpit in 2020, it had around 15,000 members, a fraction of the millions who listened to Stanley’s daily preachings on television and radio through In Touch Ministries. By embracing multimedia, Charles Stanley became one of the most highly-regarded preachers of his generation. 

Charles Stanley’s cause of death is unclear; rumors state he died of natural causes

Charles Stanley died in the early hours of 18th April 2023. His cause of death is unclear, but rumors state he died of natural causes. Stanley’s family said that he died peacefully at home. 

There are no reports of Stanley suffering from illness. Therefore, it’s unlikely that a disease killed him. The First Baptist Church released the following statement:

“Our church and the kingdom of God have been impacted by this one man’s life and ministry in ways that no one can fully comprehend. Dr. Stanley led First Baptist Atlanta for over 51 years, and his legacy will forever shape the heart and mission of our church.”