The Carmichael Manor is the fourth installment of Hell House LLC. Dubbed Hell House LLC Origins, the film is a prequel attempting to provide a background to the lore established in the first three films. The footage used in the mockumentary-style horror flick was allegedly taken by a group of cold case investigators who disappeared at the Carmichael Manor. 

The Carmichael Manor is fictional; it is a made-up story by Stephen Cognetti

The film’s claim that murders committed by either Arthur Carmichael or his son Patrick took place at the Carmichael Manor in 1989 is fictional. There’s no record of the crime or the manor. 

Further, no one disappeared while trying to uncover the alleged crimes. The film’s story was made up by Stephen Cognetti, who told Bloody Disgusting that he wanted to detail the origins of the Hell House mythology. Cognetti explained:

“I wanted to tell a whole new story but bring some breadcrumbs into that story about what happened in the eighties. Since I already had that whole story written, it was really easy for me to write the script and just find out where I wanted to put pieces of the puzzle about what I’ve already written about what happened in the eighties into it.”