We all love an engaging zombie series. There is something uniquely appealing about a series like Black Summer. The series was created by the same production company that created Z Nation. Black Summer is actually set a few years before the events in Z Nation. 

Why we love Black Summer

Jaime King plays the role of a mother (Rose), who gets separated from her child (Anna) six weeks after the start of a zombie apocalypse. Rose decided to employ any means possible to find her daughter. She becomes part of a band of refugees in North America looking to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Rose must make tough decisions on the path to finding her daughter. The obvious dangers are the blood-hungry zombies looking to kill every human they come across. Rose also doesn’t know whether her daughter is still alive.

Throughout her journey, Rose faces many trials, and it’s impossible not to sympathize with her. Jaime King delivers an exceptional performance, and it is part of the reason why Black Summer is such a great watch.

When will Black Summer Season 2 be on Netflix?

Netflix has finally announced that it will renew Black Summer. The streaming service has announced that we will receive another eight episodes of the series.

Netflix hasn’t released an official release date, but season 2 is set to premier sometime next year.

Season 1 of Black Summer was released on 11th April 2019. Netflix usually maintains a pattern when it comes to releasing its shows. Season 2 might premier at around the same time in 2020. We will keep you notified when Netflix announces an official release date.

What to expect in Black Summer Season 2

The ending of Season 1 prompted many people to believe that there probably won’t be a season 2. Season 1 ended when Anna and Rose reunited. Out of the survivors that started the journey, only 3 of them survived.

It looks like the stories of the main characters have ended now that they secured evacuation. However, the series can still shift its attention to the zombies now that Rose’s story has come to an end.

There were talks of another wave of zombies arriving in season 1. It didn’t arrive, but it may come in season 2. There is enough reason for you to watch Black Summer if it is renewed for season 2.