Paul George is an American NBA player for the Los Angeles Clippers. George started his career in the NBA when the Indiana Pacers selected him with the 10th overall draft pick in the 2010 draft. In 2013, George was named the most improved player, and he earned his first All-Star selection.

George suffered a leg injury that kept him out of the 2014-15 season, but he recovered and made it into the 2016 All-Star team. He was traded to Oklahoma City in 2017, and two years later, he was traded to the LA Clippers.

Paul and his partner, Daniela Rajic, have been together for a large section of his professional career. Their relationship had a rocky start, but they now appear to be madly in love. This piece will focus on Daniela’s relationship with Paul, her children, and her business interests.

She accused Paul of offering her $1 million to abort their first child

Daniela Rajic and Paul George

Rajic was born on 12th November 1990 in Queens, New York. She funded her stay at the University of Miami by working as a stripper. Rajic met Paul while she was dancing at a popular strip club known as Tootsies in Miami.

Paul and Rajic got involved and she got pregnant. At the time, George was dating the daughter of LA Clippers head Coach Doc Rivers. Paul and Callie Rivers split up after news of the affair came out. Rajic then accused Paul of offering her one million dollars to abort the pregnancy.

However, George denied that he offered Rajic money to abort. Rajic later filed a paternity suit against George. Paul was found to be the father of the child, and he subsequently filed for full custody of their daughter Olivia. Paul and Daniela eventually settled to have joint custody. A statement from Paul’s attorney read;

“They have reached a settlement with full joint custody and a financial package. They will be raising their daughter together. Paul George had always intended to do the right thing, and he is thrilled to have a daughter. The settlement is generous, the child is going to have a wonderful life, and both parents will be equally involved in bringing her up.”

Rajic and Paul surprised everyone when they announced the birth of their second child

Paul, Rajic, Olivia, and Natasha

People thought that Paul and Rajic were on bad terms after the drama surrounding the birth of Olivia. However, the couple proved everyone wrong when they announced the birth of their second daughter in late 2017.

After settling for joint custody, Rajic moved to New York to allow Paul to be closer to Olivia. This decision also brought Paul and Rajic closer together, and they settled their differences. The couple fell in love, and in 2017 Natasha was born.

Paul, Rajic, Olivia, and Natasha are the model of a happy family. There are numerous posts on Rajic’s Instagram page, celebrating her husband and daughters.

She co-owns a swimwear clothing line alongside Sarah Nasser

Sarah Nasser and Daniela Rajic

Rajic is quite business savvy, and she owns a swimwear clothing line known as Nude Swim. She co-owns the line alongside Patrick Patterson’s wife Sarah Nasser. Rajic and Nasser started the clothing line while Patrick and Paul were playing for Oklahoma City.

Rajic and Sarah model the swimsuit line, and they are determined to grow the brand. On 25th August 2019, she posted a photo congratulating Sarah of her wedding and cheekily reminding her to get back to work quickly. The caption read;

“Congrats @_saaraahnasser!! It was such a beautiful wedding and you made the most beautiful bride!! Enjoy your honey moon and hurry back to LA – we got work to do.”

She was rumored to be engaged to Paul in August 2019

Daniela Rajic and Paul George

Paul and Rajic sent engagement bells ringing when Rajic posted a photo on her Instagram page with what looked to be a large ring on her finger.

The ring hasn’t appeared again, and it seems that the rumors were false. However, Paul and Rajic are in love, and a wedding might not be too far away.