The reality of death is that it changes the people who have been left behind. The change happens as people grieve in different ways. Ricky Gervais’s character in After Life deals with death by carrying the pain on his shoulders and being rude to anything that moves. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as there are bits of After Life that will give you a good laugh.

After Life has been a great success for Ricky, and it has been received well by fans. The emotional roller-coaster that is After Life currently has 1 season, and a second one is on the way. This piece will let you in on everything you need to know about After Life season 2.

When will Netflix release After Life season 2?

It has been confirmed that After Life season 2 will premiere on 24th April 2020.

The show’s creator Ricky Gervais, confirmed via a tweet that filming for season 2 concluded on October 28th 2019. Ricky has been editing the show since then, and he claimed that it was taking long because Netflix had to translate the subtitles.

According to The Sun, Ricky said; “Then it takes two months to put it into, like, 120 languages. That’s why it takes so long.”

Ricky announced that we would get season 2 back in March 2019. He also expressed his gratitude to fans via a tweet that read;

“I have never had a reaction like this… You are the best fans in the world. Oh, and I’ve started writing series 2.”

What happened in After Life season 1?

After Life season 1 introduced us to a newspaper journalist, Tony, who chose to deal with his wife’s death by being cruel everyone without caring about the consequences. Tony’s outlook on life was fueled by his crippling depression and suicidal thoughts.

The people closest to Tony tried to support him in his hour of need, but he pushed them away with his pessimism. However, as season 1 went on, we saw Tony’s attitude towards life change. He began to have a better outlook on life, and he was more willing to accept help from others.

Tony’s also managed to expel the suicidal thoughts from his mind, but season 1 showed us that he still has fragile emotions. The consequences of his weak emotional state were on full show when he gave Julian money to buy the drugs that he would eventually overdose on.

We saw Tony make huge strides in season 1, especially when it came to his relations with other people. Tony visited his ailing dad and promised Daphne that he would ask Emma out. Tony, however, cut ties with his therapist, claiming that he doesn’t work.

What to expect in After Life season 2

According to Digital Spy, Gervais revealed that a clue to what will happen in season 2 is hidden in Tony’s season 1 graveside scene with Anne. Tony said in the scene;

“I’m gonna carry on saying and doing what I want, and punishing the world, but I’m gonna punish people who deserve it. I’m gonna use my superpower for good.”

Tony clearly views his ability to set people straight as a ‘superpower’, and in season 2, we suspect that he will use his ability to do good rather than harm. How he plans to do good by being rude is beyond our imagination, and it’s a sufficient reason for us to look forward to season 2.

We expect Tony to keep rebuilding his relationships as he settles down as a widower. We might also see Tony find love again as he pursues Emma.

On the other hand, Tony might return to the pessimistic man that dominated season 1. He is yet to fully heal, and we know that his father is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Another tragic death might halt Tony’s progress. Season 2 will also reveal the future of Tony’s struggling workplace.