Every once in a while, a story surfaces on the internet and attracts the attention of millions. A lot of the time, such a story involves a mystery or the supernatural. David Howard has penned one such story titled What Really Happened at 777 Pine Street?

777 Pine Street was a house owned by archery legend Bob Swinehart. Bob was famed for hunting the Big Five in Africa with a bow and arrow. A coroner ruled Bob’s death a suicide, but people never entirely accepted the coroner’s ruling due to the mystery surrounding the character. Does his house offer some clues?

The 777 Pine Street story details how the mysteries of Bob’s haunted house affected the author

In first-person, David Howard writes of his obsession with figuring out the secrets of 777 Pine Street. 

David moved in with his family into the house after it suddenly dropped in price. Considering the size of the house, David purchased it for a bargain.

However, David and his wife Ann learned that the house was cheap because nobody wanted it. It’s common for a home to drop in price when something tragic like a murder happens in it.

In this case, the house was haunted. “They thought they were doing a renovation, not an exorcism,” the story’s introduction reads. “The house had other ideas.”

777 Pine Street hid some supernatural secrets. Maybe Bob Swinehart’s ghost lived in it. Whatever it was, David wanted to get to the bottom of it. 

His pursuit of answers led to the breakdown of his marriage, as Ann felt that he no longer gave her the attention she craved. The pair put up 777 Pine Street for sale before they went separate ways. 

Still, the author has never left 777 Pine Street. “But I still go back to Pine Street in my mind,” the author writes. “There’s no limit to what I’ll do when I’m there because, finally, all the work is done.”

We suspect that the 777 Pine Street story weaves fact and fiction to create such an absorbing story. The summary above does little justice to David Howard’s breathtaking tale. Head over to Popular Mechanics to get the whole story.