Rapper Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Lamar Williams) is incarcerated as he faces a litany of criminal charges. Thug’s trial is expected to last six to nine months. The judge denied Young Thug’s request for release on bail or bond, concluding that the rapper poses a danger to the community. 

Compounding his misery, Young Thug is in mourning following the death of his sister, Angela Grier, in late March 2023. 

Angela Grier’s cause of death hasn’t been released

Angela Grier died on 26th March 2023, her family confirmed via social media posts. Angela’s cause of death hasn’t been released. 

We know little about Angela’s life as she enjoyed a private life. She is Young Thug’s oldest sibling and hasn’t featured in any of his projects. Young Thug has boosted some of his siblings’ careers by collaborating with them. 

Dorothea ‘Dora’ Grier, the rapper’s youngest sibling, told Complex: “It’s a great opportunity that he’s given us. We really, really highly appreciate that from the bottom, inside, upside down. We always looked out for each other, and we’re still like that to this day. We’re very family oriented.”

Angela leaves behind three children: Aniya, Farderren, and Quendarious. Farderren is incarcerated for fatally shooting his girlfriend, Destiny Fitzpatrick.