Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the perfect film to end the year. The film is packed with an endless wave of emotions that all lead to the perfect final scene. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is set in the 18th century, and it follows a rebellious lady who falls in love with the right person at the wrong time.

The tragedy of it all is that Heloise and Marianne’s love exists in a patriarchal age where such relationships were frowned upon. As Heloise’s wedding day draws nearer, both ladies know that their relationship must end, but they chose to stick together anyway.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a beautiful but tragic love story that you must watch. Keep reading to find out whether it will be on Netflix.

Will Portrait of a Lady on Fire come to Netflix?

It is highly unlikely that Portrait of a Lady on Fire will come to Netflix.

The French film will be distributed by Pyramide Films internationally and Neon films in the US. Neon films has a deal with Hulu, and that means that Portrait of a Lady on Fire will not be on Netflix US.

Pyramide Films and Netflix have a good relationship, and it means that Portrait of a lady on Fire might be available on Netflix outside of the US.

Where can you stream Portrait of a Lady on Fire?

Neon’s deal with Hulu means that the film will be available for US audiences on Hulu after the end of its theatrical run.

We will have to wait to see which streaming service acquires the rights for international distribution.

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