TikTok is rapidly becoming the go-to social media app for people around the world. The app was popularized as a dance and lip-syncing app, but as it spread across the world, creative editing opened an avenue for the creation of all types of videos. At the moment, comedy has overtaken dance and lip-syncing on TikTok, but occasionally, we get a viral song that reminds us why we downloaded TikTok in the first place.

The trending song right now is Unlock it by Charli XCX. It has created a trend known as the lock it challenge.

This piece will look at the lock it challenge and its effect on the song’s popularity.

The lock it challenge went viral after popular TikTokers posted videos lip syncing to Charli XCX’s Unlock It

Charli XCX’s Unlock It is not a new song. The English hit-maker released the song in 2017, and four years later, it has become the basis of a global trend.

The lock it challenge involves lip-syncing to the words in Unlock It’s chorus, which repeats the phrase ‘lock it’ several times. TikTokers have also come up with a dance to accompany the fast-paced chorus. The dance involves swaying one’s hips to the beats, and being creative with your hand movements.

The challenge has set off a global craze and a rush to come out with the most creative videos. Some TikTokers have opted out of dancing to come up with comedy clips. However anyone chooses to create their video, the one constant is that Unlock It by Charli is playing in the background.

The challenge has increased the popularity of Charli XCX and her hit song Unlock It

It’s unfortunate that hit songs like Unlock It don’t get the recognition they deserve following their release. Fortunately, an app like TikTok can help draw people’s attention to a song they missed.

Unlock It was released in 2017 and it’s taken four years for the world to appreciate how good the song is. Appreciative comments by fans who didn’t know the song are flooding lock it challenge posts.

The song’s streams and downloads have increased exponentially and several remixes have been produced. TikTok trends usually only last a week or two, but the song and the artist behind the trend benefit massively.


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