Being gay in the 1970s ad 1980s wasn’t necessarily frowned upon. However, at the time, LGBTQ+ rights weren’t as advanced as they are in 2022. The hostility against the queer community forced them to embrace their sexualities in secluded locations, like the gay bars where Jeffrey Dahmer prowled for victims. 

Jeffrey Dahmer wasn’t merely after sexual gratification – he had several consensual gay sexual encounters, but they weren’t enough. Dahmer desired to dominate his victims in a manner that stripped them of their humanity. “I trained myself to view people as objects of pleasure instead of people,” Dahmer told police. 

Dahmer never had a wife as he wasn’t romantically interested in women

Carl Wahlstrom, a forensic psychiatrist who evaluated Darmer, said Jeffrey had an unusually high libido for a young adolescent. His fantasies about killing men and having intercourse with their bodies developed as a young teenager. 

Wahlstrom told A&E that the fantasies plagued Dahmer. “It took up about two-thirds of his day,” Wahlstrom said. 

As a teenager, Jeffrey nearly acted on his murderous instincts. He lusted over a male jogger and, one day waited in ambush for the jogger on his route. However, the jogger didn’t run that day, which probably saved his life. 

Dahmer had several relationships with classmates but never had intercourse. Jeffrey Dahmer never had a wife, and we’ve found no report that he was in a relationship with a woman. Jeffrey was gay and hid his attraction to men from his parents. 

While working at the Milwaukee Ambrosia Chocolate Factory, Dahmer declined many propositions from men. He experienced his first sexual encounters at gay bars but was frustrated by how his partners treated him. 

Dahmer started drugging men and having sex with their unconscious bodies. In September 1986, he was arrested for masturbating while watching two twelve-year-old boys. Authorities sentenced him to a year of mental health counseling and probation. 

Most of Dahmer’s victims were young men he seduced at gay bars. He would drug them before strangling them, having sex with their corpses, and dismembering them. 

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