Blood Red Sky is one of Netflix’s most successful titles of 2021. The film, hyped as Taken meets Snakes on a Plane, hit the top of Netflix’s top 10 a week after its release. It attracted plenty of positive reviews from fans, who already want to know when Netflix plans to release Blood Red Sky 2.

The film centers on Nadja, a vampire who’s managed to suppress her blood lust for years. However, Nadja is forced to embrace her true vampire nature to protect her son from a crash landing organized by plane hijackers. The ensuing carnage is as gory as it is exhilarating. Nadja saves her son, but at what cost?

When is Blood Red Sky 2’s Netflix release date?

Netflix is yet to set a release date for Blood Red Sky 2. The streaming service is also yet to announce a Blood Red Sky sequel.

It took 16 years for Peter Thorwarth to secure finances for the film. He told Daily Dead that he doesn’t have a script ready for Blood Red Sky 2.

“Maybe someone else can direct the follow-up, because once I’ve done it, I’m always looking for the next challenge,” Peter said. He told the publication that he is already working on his next project.

Therefore, Blood Red Sky 2 would need a new director. It took a year for Blood Red Sky to appear on Netflix after filming began in Prague.

If Netflix were to commission the sequel before the end of the year, filming would likely begin in 2022. Therefore, the earliest we can expect Blood Red Sky 2 on Netflix is 2023.