Lifetimes A Nurse to Die For looks at a father who hires a nurse to care for his daughter following his wife’s death. The daughter, suffering from a respiratory illness, appears to recover and sees a mother figure in the nurse. Meanwhile, the father views the nurse as a potential love interest. However, suspicions about the nurse’s intentions crop up as the daughter’s condition suddenly starts deteriorating. 

A Nurse to Die For is based on a fictional story by Michael Varrati

A Nurse to Die For is not based on a true story but on a fictional narrative by Michael Varrati. 

Director Paul Sullivan said he was inspired by films like Pacific Heights and Hand That Rocks the Cradle to create a movie about a home being invaded from within. He told Survived the Shows:

“So we have the story of a widower struggling to balance his job and raising his daughter, who is not only grieving the loss of her mother, but who has fallen ill herself. What if the very person you hire to alleviate that emotional and physical burden becomes its biggest threat?”

A Nurse to Die For is fictional, but there are real-life stories of doctors turning against their patients. Charles Cullen immediately springs to mind. Cullen, featured in Netflix’s The Good Nurse, was convicted of killing 29 patients but is suspected of murdering 400.